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Beginner Strumming Songs


  1. 4by4jt icon22 1
    3 Lessons. Have you worked on the 4 Essential Strumming Patterns in Track 1 Stage 4? This song will take these 4 patterns and use them in a song that you will play with a backing track. Practice your strumming skills and have fun doing it! 
  2. Shades Of Bluejt icon22 1
    3 Lessons. This tune rocks! This beginner strumming song is PERFECT if you have worked on your 4-Essential Strumming Patterns and learned a few chords. Put it all together in this gritty, bluesy Jam.
  3. Get It! Strumming Jam
    3 Lessons. Let's review our essential chord shapes and add some cool twists! These step by step lessons will reinforce essential chord and chord strumming skills that will help you launch into playing hundreds of songs.
  4. Apple Jam
    4 Lessons. The Lead Guitarist, Keys and Drummer are waiting for you! They just need a rhythm guitar player. This tune has you strumming the following chords: D, C, G, Em, F5 and G5. Don't know all of those? No worries, I am going to take you from start to finish on this one. Jump in and play with the band!


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