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David Gilmour Guitar Lessons - Comfortably Numb Licks

jt icon22 1 Love Pink Floyd and David Gilmour? Comfortably Numb has incredibly well crafted guitar solos that have stood the test of time. Learn how a true master of the guitar uses the scales and concepts we study on Guitar Now Online. Lesson topic includes Artificial Harmonics, Minor Pentatonic Connections, String Bending and more. This is in the key of B Minor.

  1. L1. Artificial Harmonics, Minor Pentatonic Connections. (Lick 1)
  2. L2. Gilmour Phrasing And Minor Pentatonic 1 (Lick 2)
  3. L3. Pentatonics: Added notes, Bends and Connections (Lick 3)
  4. L4. Phrasing, Bends And Trademark Patterns (Lick 4)
  5. L5. Essential Pentatonic Licks And Closing Phrases (Lick 5)

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