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Lead Guitar Lessons - Connecting Minor Pentatonic Licks

  1. Learn To Connect Licks Like A Pro. Patterns 1-2
    5 lessons. Classic examples of how to shift between patterns 1-2. Learn them, then master them over the Jam Track. These licks are all in the key of G Minor. 
  2. Smooth Shifting Licks: Pattern 2-3
    2 lessons. Jam Track + Licks = a great time! All licks are in the key of G Minor. 
  3. Master The Guitar: Connect Licks Using Pattern 3-4
    3 lessons. Great licks to show you how to connect Patterns 3-4. Licks for these Patterns are in E Minor and G Minor. 
  4. Learn The "Pathways" That Connect Patterns 4-5 
    3 lessons. Learn to master Pentatonic Patterns 4-5. Check out the key of E Minor with these licks.

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