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Learn Minor Pentatonic Rock And Blues Licks

  1. Lead Guitar Workshop: Pattern 1 Licks
    12 lessons. Nearly all of the greatest rock solos use the great Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1. Check out a handful of great licks from beginner to intermediate. These are all in the key of G but the last lesson teaches how to move licks to different keys!
  2. Lead Guitar Workshop: Pattern 2 Licks
    5 lessons. Learn killer string bends, slides and other essential Minor Pentatonic Patttern 2 tricks. These licks are all using the G Minor Pentatonic Scale butt he last lesson teaches how to move the licks to different keys.
  3. Lead Guitar Workshop: Pattern 3 Licks
    3 lessons. Learn these licks inpired by Clapton, Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Let's move forward with our patterns and stay in the key of G Minor. As usual, the last lessons teaches how to move licks to different keys.
  4. Lead Guitar Workshop: Pattern 4 Licks
    4 lessons. Minor Pentatonic Pattern 4 is one of the most common scales players like Santana and SRV use in their amazing solos! Pattern 4 lessons are in the Key of E and G Minor. We will also learn how to move these licks around the neck. 
  5. Lead Guitar Workshop: Pattern 5 Licks
    4 lessons. Learn essential guitar licks in Pattern 5 and apply them immediately to the jam track. We will learn these licks in the Keys of E Minor. The backing tracks are in G Minor and E Minor. The last lessons will show us how to move these licks to different keys. 

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