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Intermediate-Advanced Lead Guitar Licks. Level 2.

 4 Categories:

  1. Rock Guitar Licks Using Minor Pentatonic Exercise #2
    5 categories. Learn minor pentatonic licks across the fingerboard in 5 patterns. Packed with Jam Tracks. We are working in the key of E Minor in these lessons. 
  2. Major Pentatonics Licks: Rut Busting Guitar Licks!jt icon22 1
    5 lessons. Love that Allman Bros. sound? These lead guitar lessons take you to the heart of the Major Pentatonic. Learn 10 licks across 5 patterns with a custom jam track. All lessons are in the key of D Major. 
  3. Bues Guitar Licks - Step By Step Through A Guitar Solo!jt icon22 1
    7 Lessons. Let's learn a full guitar solo and talk about not only HOW to play the notes by WHY guitarists choose the notes they play. The goal is to understand the lesson and start creating your own licks!
  4. Develop Your Lead Guitar Skills With The GNO CAGED Licksjt icon22 1
    3 Categories. Learn Licks from the CAGED System of 5 Shapes/5 Patterns/5 Apreggios. These licks will teach important chord/scale connections that are such an important part of CAGED and lead guitar playing. Learn about legato technique, economy picking, blending CAGED with Pentatonics and more!

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