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Intermediate - Advanced Guitar Songs Designed To Make You A Great Guitar Player.

  1. Irene
    10 lessons. Learn about arpeggios, sweep picking, economy picking, pentatonics, connecting scale patterns and more! Take the licks and riffs in this song and use them in any blues or rock jam.
  2. Lights Out 
    14 lessons. This is a challenging intermediate - advanced guitar song. We will learn essential 3-octave arpeggio patterns, string skipping arpeggios, connecting pentatonics and more! 
  3. Open Doors jt icon22 1 
    5 Lessons.   The tempo is laid back, it is played on acoustic and the lessons are JAM PACKED with chord/scale relationships covering Major and Minor Pentatonics, new chord shapes and open string licks. While not as technically difficult as Irene and Light's Out, Open Doors has so many skills that "intermediate and up" players will get allot from these lessons. 


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