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Blues Guitar Workshop Level 1

Ready to learn blues guitar? These lessons are perfect for the "just past beginning" level guitarist. You are ready for this if you have made it to Track 2 - Stage 1 on GNO! 

L1. "Always There" - 12 Bar Blues In E - Performance And Intro jt icon22 1
This lesson will outline the essential skills taught in this beginning blues guitar song. I will also give you some good practice tips. This is also the lesson to use as a reference for the performance recording.  

L2. Fingers, Guitar Slides And Pick Direction - First 12 Barsjt icon22 1 
Let's go over the fingerings for the 12 bars including the signature blues technique - "slides".  

L3. Double Stops, Slides And Fingers - Guitar Solojt icon22 1 
Learning blues guitar means learning some specific techniques. Let's learn about double stops and slides in this lesson.  

L4. Blues Guitar Techniques - Guitar Solo - Last 8 Barsjt icon22 1 
You are already 4 bars into your first Guitar Solo! Learn the last 8 bars (measures) of this blues guitar solo for beginners.  

L5. Palm Muting For Guitar - Last 12 Barsjt icon22 1 
Explore the blues guitar technique of palm muting in this lesson. When the melody comes back, we will add palm muting for an added effect. 

L6. Blues Scales and Exercise - Learn Where the Music Comes From!jt icon22 1 
Want to really dive in and see where the notes comes from? Learn your E Minor Pentatonic/Blues Scale in the open position then learn about the "sweet spot" extension. Sounds hard? Don't worry! We will learn an easy exercise to make sure we get it right.   

L7. Blues Practice Techniques - The Metronome And Backing Tracksjt icon22 1 
Improving at guitar means having great practice skills. In this lesson, I will review how to practice with a metronome and how to practice with backing tracks.  

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