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Blues Guitar Workshop Level 2

The level 2 Blues Guitar Lessons are perfect if you are playing single notes on all strings and have learned your Pattern 1 Minor Pentatonic Scale. You are ready for this if you are on Track 4 on Guitar Now Online's,  "Lessons By Track".

L1. "Always There" - 12 Bar Blues In E - Performance And Intro (Level 2)jt icon22 1
This is the reference video for the performance of our blues licks and riffs with the backing track. After the performance I will discuss all the important details need to move on. Don't miss this!

L2. Essential Blues Slides And Scale Shifting - First 4 Barsjt icon22 1
Learn how to perform trademark blues slide and shifting licks. This is the main riff of the tune and it is a classic!  

L3. E Minor Pentatonic Pattern 2 Bends And Slides - Second 4 Barsjt icon22 1
Let's focus on the Pentatonic/Blues scale in Pattern 2 with some classic bends and blues phrasing. 

L4. Blues Guitar Technique - Last 4 Barsjt icon22 1
Open strings are a huge part of blues guitar playing. Here is an important combo of licks that will inspire tons of cool ideas.

L5. More Slides, Bends And Pentatonics - Guitar Solo - First 8 Barsjt icon22 1
Ready for your guitar solo? Learn some "must know" skills that will turn regular note playing into the soulful blues sound we all love! Memorize it then jam with the backing tracks!

L6. Building Intensity, Single String Pentatonics And Bends - Guitar Solo - Last 4 Barsjt icon22 1
The last 4 bars of this solo are all about shaping your guitar solo. Incorporate skills like the "bend and roll", hammer on's/pull off's and single string soloing.


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