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Classical Music For Electric Guitar

String skipping, alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking, melodic's all in Classical Music For Electric Guitar! 


LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced: 

JS Bach: Prelude to Cello Suite 1. D Major. 

Stage 1: 11 Lessons. "Fingerings And Concepts"

Detailed left and right hand fingerings. Lessons include chord and scale analysis as well as technique development. 


Stage 2: 6 Lessons. "Ideas For The Electric Guitarist"  

*Lessons are in production. Launching Fall 2016. 

Learn how to take the core concepts from the Bach Prelude and work them into your electric guitar playing. 

LEVEL: Developing Beginner - Intermediate

Dionisio Aguado: Etude 1
*Lessons are in production. Launching Fall 2016. 



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