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Power Chord Songs: Rock Out And Play Easy Lead

  1. Climb 
    4 lessons. Have you been working on Power Chords and progressions? Let the rest of the band join in while you rock out with Form 1 and Form 2 chords. Mix in an easy solo and you are taking the steps to getting better at guitar!
  2. 57 
    4 lessons. Power Chord Guitar Songs will take power chords to the next level using Form 1 and 2 and now Form 3! Learn how to use Power Chords Substitutions, play "thirds" and take a guitar solo. 
  3. Crossing 
    3 lessons. A perfect beginning blues song. This is inspired by a live version of Eric Clapton's "Crossroads", this song is a great example of how to use open power chords and power chord riffs. This song also includes easy blues lead guitar lessons!
  4. Power Play 
    3 lessons. This tune rocks! What else can I say? Learn a great power chord riff and take an exciting guitar solo using a "pedal tone".  Perfect for acoustic or electric guitar!


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