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Track 4. Learn To Play Lead Guitar Step By Step

  1. T4-S1. Beginning Lead Guitar Lessons - First Guitar Solo jt icon22 1
    7 lessons. All about playing lead guitar. I will answer some FAQ's on soloing and present our first lick and jam session.
  2. T4-S2. Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1 Licks
    10 lessons. Kick off this Stage with a lesson on string bending. Learn 5 Pattern 1 licks and apply them to the custom Jam Track.
  3. T4-S3. Lead Guitar Lessons: Pattern 1 Licks jt icon22 1
    8 lessons. 4 awesome Pattern 1 licks with a custom Jam Track. Check out the lesson on how to move these licks across the fingerboard.
  4. T4-S4. Open Pentatonic/Blues Scale In E Minor
    8 lessons. Exercises, licks, and Jam Tracks comprise this Stage of lessons on the incredibly important Open E Minor position.
  5. T4-S5. Lead Lessons: Minor Pentatonic Pattern 2
    10 lessons. Pattern 2 of the 5 interconnected Pentatonic Patterns. Learn exercises and licks and use them over the Jam Track.
  6. T4-S6. Connecting Minor Pentatonic Patterns 1-2
    11 lessons. Ever wonder how to move across the fingerboard in a solo? Learn these exercises and licks and put them to use with the Jam Track.
  7. T4-S7. Lead Lessons: Minor Pentatonic Pattern 2 Licks
    7 lessons. Learn more licks from Pattern 2 and connecting Patterns 1 and 2. Use these licks over the Jam Track provided.

Take the scale and licks over to the Jam Tracks and work them into your playing!

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